Men's Health Mind Matters

Men's Health Mind Matters

Although men’s attitudes towards their mental well-being may have changed over the past ten years, ignorance and gender stereotypes still remain. Research has indicated that men may still repress their emotions. This can lead to high levels of stress and potentially depression. In the past men were able to manage high levels of stress due to many other factors remaining constant in their lives; the family, the job, and their social standing. But this has all changed and men’s health is now being affected. The mind does not have the control over the matter like it used to. And an increased number of men are seeking counselling in Sydney to help manage stress and depression.

In recent years the stability that men used to know has begun to change. Employment may only be short term and there is relationship instability. This may lead to men being forced to confront their mental health and mental stability. Men are susceptible to burn out due to pressure to be a high achiever in many aspects of their lives.  And there is a propensity to become workaholic. The life/work balance has become skewed in favour of longer working hours and a greater need to become successful. The work process itself has become relentless.

As society changes people’s lives become increasingly transient. Instability can increase levels of stress which may lead to mental health problems. Men are less likely to recognise the effect of high levels of stress than women. Men are not comfortable admitting they are feeling low or feeling overwhelmed. And will probably state they are exhausted or feeling a bit on edge. Men have greater difficulty dealing with depression than women because they take longer to admit they are depressed, and may confuse depression with physical symptoms.

For a man to accept they he may have a psychological problem is a big step. It may conflict with his self-image and threaten his self-esteem. But it is important to face the issues, especially mental health problems.

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