Jealousy Within Intimate Relationships

Jealousy is often experienced within intimate relationships due to perceived infidelity by a partner. But what is jealousy? Jealousy has been defined as, the cognitions, emotions, and behaviours that follow a loss or threat to self-esteem and/or existence or quality of a romantic relationship,

Communication In Intimate Relationships

How we communicate within our intimate relationships can contribute to our overall happiness. It is not only important to listen to one’s partner it is also important to develop speaking skills that increase connection and lower the negative impact of disagreements.

Asexuality And Romantic Relationships

There is a general belief that people who identify as asexual do not form romantic relationships. New research indicates that this is not the case. Lori Brotton of the University of British Columbia suggests that there has always been a general assumption that sexual attraction and romantic attraction happen at the same time.