Grief and Loss Counselling

Coping with Significant Loss

No matter how prepared we think we are, nothing can prepare us for a significant loss of a loved one from our lives. Loss is a universal phenomenon but we all respond with different degrees of grief and mourning. People grieve in different ways and with different durations. There is no set way to grieve. People experience grief in very different ways; from anger and betrayal through to depression and avoidance. Each person experiences grief and loss in their own way and the length of time and the depth of grief is unique to the individual.

We all experience bereavement during our lives. The suggested ‘normal’ process of grief extends through the emotions of sorrow, numbness, guilt, denial and anger which gradually fade over a period of time. These emotions do not have any order and may repeat many times before they begin to fade. You may find a time when memories fade but then come back with renewed strength. This may reignite feelings of sadness, loss, anger and sorrow.


The process of moving forward after a loss of a significant loved one can be accompanied by strong feelings of guilt. Guilt may also accompanied by strong feelings of regret; that something was left unsaid or left undone. Some people feel that their loved one is still with them while others feel that they have been completely abandoned. You may feel the loss of your past memories, or the loss of your future.

If you are experiencing grief and loss I offer a safe and confidential environment. Through grief and loss counselling we can explore your sorrow, and work through these strong and over powering feelings and memories. Therapy can assist you to deal with the very strong emotions that may be troubling you and influencing your life.

Christopher Swane - Grief and Loss Counselling - Wellington New Zealand