Marriage Happiness

Marriage Happiness

Are married couples happier than cohabitating couples? New research indicates that married couples are happier in their relationships than cohabitating couples. The 5000 couple study suggests that despite flaws in their relationships, married couples are happier and more content than cohabitation couples.

A very interesting result came through regarding couples without children. Couples without children appear happier than those who are parents. The study notes that married couples are more willing to admit that they worry about chores or money. They worry less about whether they share the same values. It also notes that married couples are less likely to say they like to make time for each other. And are more likely to say they are drifting apart. Nevertheless married couples still believe they are happier being married.

Marriage happiness is now being recognised as an important factor in peoples’ overall happiness with their lives. Research has indicated that marriage is more likely to bring happiness than cohabitating. Alternatively those people who are in an unhappy marriage, may experience a greater level of unhappiness than being single. Couples, who constantly fight and are in abusive relationships, need to consider whether they are in the right relationship.

There are many ways to improve happiness in your relationship. Make regular date nights and keep to them. Make time for each other. Try to connect regularly. Allow your partner to influence you. Turn towards your partner. And make the effort to engage with them on a regular basis. Remember it is the small connections every day. These are just as important as the big connections occasionally.

Christopher Swane - Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy - Wellington New Zealand