Single Men Happier?

Single Men Happier

Are single men happier than married men? A lot of research has indicated that married men live longer. And their increased longevity can be attributed to their partner who encourages regular visits to their GP. However, married life does appear to have a detrimental effect on men’s mental health. Recent research at the University College Cork has indicated that the psychological well-being of men proved that a single life is best for men.

Research suggests that the mental health of men declines after they tie the knot. Men are happiest when they are single and not engaged in professional or managerial work.  And generally single men are more content than single women. In contrast women appear to be happier when they are married. A woman’s happiness increases when they have children and are in a rural setting.

The decline in men’s mental health can be attributed to the stress of raising a family and economic factors. Other research suggests that a man’s mental health may decline due to selfish reasons. As men age they become more selfish and more used to doing their own thing. They are less willing to compromise. And they find it harder to maintain relationships. But there is still a strong desire for men to marry. Men want to settle down and be happily partnered in preference to being single.

Women believe that it’s much easier to be single if you’re a man. Some women believe that men move easily from woman to woman. And they believe that men find it easier to get over relationships than women. When women are out with other women the conversation is often about men. Women suggest that their conversations are often about pining over men. Women suggest that men appear to get over women very quickly and get on with life again.

Both sexes believe that a rural life is much easier than a city or suburban life. And both sexes attribute this to the perceived close knit nature of rural communities.

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