Relationship Infidelity

Relationship Infidelity

Infidelity is still one of the major causes of divorce. Although most people say infidelity is wrong, we see an increasing number of men and women engaging in extra marital affairs.

Experts advise that once the shock and devastation of infidelity is experienced it’s best not to jump to reactive decision making. This might be the time to think about why the infidelity may have occurred. Infidelity may be the consequence of deeper problems in the relationship which both parties may have contributed to in different ways.

Infidelity may be the death knell for many relationships. But it can also be the wake-up call; an opportunity for reflection and change that can lead to an increase in strength and honesty.

Research has highlighted a few significant findings. Firstly, those who engage in adultery are less likely to be in happy relationships. Men are more likely to engage in affairs. One partner being less affectionate or intimate may often lead to infidelity. People who have had more sexual relationships in the past are more likely to engage in infidelity.

Work opportunities can be very influential in determining the risk of infidelity. People in larger cities are more likely to engage in affairs. People with higher levels of education are more likely to engage in extra marital affairs. People who cohabit are associated with a greater likelihood of infidelity. Relationship counselling can assist clients untangle the emotional web of infidelity.

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