HRT - Male Menopause

HRT - Male Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is readily available for women who are experiencing menopause. But for men who experience male menopause, HRT is still not readily available. Doctors have suggested that men who experience menopause suffer a range of symptoms similar to women, including dry skin, depression, and a lack of libido.

Research suggests that women have been far more active in getting menopause recognised and treated and would never stand for neglect of this major health problem. However men suffer the stigma of scepticism over whether male menopause even exists. Men are required to prove their condition to unsympathetic doctors who doubt the need for HRT.

Testosterone levels in men start to drop by approximately 1 per cent a year after they reach 30. By the time a man reaches 75 his testosterone levels will be only approximately 60 per cent of the healthy levels of a 30 year old male.

A reduction in testosterone levels is responsible for loss of bone density which leads to osteoporosis, and also causes the wasting of muscles and a loss of sexual desire. All these symptoms are commonly associated with female menopause. Other effects of low testosterone are depression, irritability, poor concentration, lack of energy and an increase in body fat. Specialists in men’s health believes that up to 50 per cent of men in their fifties have low levels of testosterone.

Part of the problem with HRT stems from the attitude men have towards their own health. Men are less likely to seek out medical assistance than women.

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Low testosterone has nothing to do with how masculine a man is, and can affect a man at any age in their life. If you are unsure if you have low testosterone, contact your local GP and organise a blood test.