Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Facts Part 4

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Facts

The question of addiction is often raised when discussing anabolic-androgenic steroids. Young men who use steroids for several years then stop due to a change in behaviour, bring into question the notion of physical addiction. There appears to be the potential for psychological addiction with those who already may experience mental health problems. It’s important to recognise that there can be marked difference in motivation and behaviour of men who take anabolic-androgenic steroids. It’s easy to generalise that men who take anabolic steroids are motivated by the same desires. Some men are motivated to take anabolic-androgenic steroids for professional sports reasons. Some men take them for physical attraction/appearance. While others may take them for psychological reasons.

As a society we put our sports stars in the unenviable situation of being praised if they come first with offers of lucrative sponsorship, fame and glory. While the runner up disappears in to history. The desire to become number one can motivate many athletes to take anabolic-androgenic steroids. Dr. Tony Miller suggested that most sport stars had taken anabolic-androgenic steroids sometime in their career. He pointed out the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the IOC in their drug testing and conviction record. Dr Miller stated that 28 athletes tested positive at the Seoul games but only 8 were convicted. Dr Miller suggested that it was not possible to rid sport of anabolic-androgenic steroids. He asserted that looking after the health of sports stars was the priority rather than adhering to inconsistent laws set down by governing bodies.

Prior to the year 2000 anabolic-androgenic steroids were a restricted drug and not an illegal drug in Australia. A restricted drug can only be prescribed by a doctor. Prior to 2000 a few doctors were willing to prescribe anabolic-androgenic steroids to their patients with the knowledge of their use. Some commentators are of the opinion that there were two factors that influenced anabolic-androgenic steroids being changed to an illegal drug. The first; pressure from the IOC prior to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. The second; there were several high profile murder trails in Australia during the 1990s where the dumbbell defence was used as a legal strategy to minimise responsibility. In recent years the dumbbell defence has been rejected as a legitimate excuse by judges and juries.

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