Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction seems to be on the increase, and the main culprit appears to be the internet. The attraction and power of the internet has recently been referred to as the ‘crack cocaine’ of sex and love addicts. Research has indicated that people are getting addicted much faster than before and this can be attributed to the three ‘As’; accessibility, affordability and anonymity.

The workplace environment can be a contributing factor to the increase in sexual addiction. Both men and women are spending increasing amounts of their working day connected to the internet. For those people who are vulnerable to sexual addiction spending increased time on the internet may lead to increased temptation.

Some working environments can also be a contributing factor to sexual addictions. All-male environments like law enforcement or firemen can encourage or tolerate pornography and inappropriate sexual talk. This can also be true for all-female working environments like health care and teaching.

Sexual addiction is much harder to treat than other forms of addiction such as, drugs, alcohol or gambling. This is in part due to the nature of love and sex. We all want and understand the need for love and sex. Unlike other forms of addiction total abstinence is not desirable or possible if we are to have a happy and fulfilled life. It’s finding the right balance between sexually acting out and total abstinence. Being disconnected as a couple may also be a contributing factor to sexual addiction. Becoming connected with your partner again may assist with resolving sexual addiction.

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